Bastianelo / Lucrezia

Played at Urban Arias

Bastianello: Music: John Musto, Libretto: Mark Campbell 
Lucrezia: Music: William Bolcom, Libretto: Mark Campbell

Music Director: Robert Wood 
Pianists: R. Timothy McReynolds, David Hanlon 
Set Designer: Andrew Cohen 
Costume Designer: Sydney Gallas 
Lighting Designer: Klyph Stanford 

Cast: Catherine Martin, Keith Phares, Erin Sanzero, Alex Mansoori, Tom Corbeil 


Beautifully sung, hilariously acted, perfectly directed, brilliantly composed (John Musto for Bastianello and William Bolcom for Lucrezia), cleverly written (both by Mark Campbell)- these are just some of the ways to describe Urban Arias’ production of Bastianello & Lucrezia. Stage Directed by Alan Paul, and Musically Directed by Robert Wood, the two form a perfect team and present a most enjoyable evening of comic, modern opera.
— Brennan Jones, D.C. Metro Theatre Arts
Alan Paul deserves gigantic props for his inventive, whimsical, and often ridiculous (in a good way) staging. Despite the fact that Bastianello and Lucrezia were “commissioned to entertain,” they both carry serious messages beneath the laughs.
— Rebecca Evans, D.C. Theatre Scene

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