Photo Op

Played at Urban Arias

Conductor: Robert Wood
Choreographer: Lucy Bowen McCauley
Set Designer: David Ghatan

Costume Designer: Rhonda Key
Lighting Designer: Andrew Griffith

Cast: Laurie Williamson, Michael Mayes, Kathryn Connors, Kathleen Gordon, Dustin Kimball, Robert 
Mintz, Ryan Sellers, Randy Snight, Joseph Thanner, Katherine Turner, and Matthew Ward


It’s wonderful fun, wonderfully directed and performed and, despite the fact that it was written in 1989, eerily timely…There are performances on Sept. 14 and 15 that shouldn’t be missed.
— Joan Reinthaler, Washington Post
Stage Director Alan Paul and Choreographer Lucy Bowen McCauley have found a team of actor-dancers who together have fed off the coverage of the last two conventions and collaborated on forging televised moments and turning them into little choreographic gems...Paul and McCauley have established a rich playing field where the whole company seems to have had an artistically rollicking time developing this piece. Director and Choreographer have teamed up with Urban Arias before, and they really know how to shape stage business to build a world that lives bathed in rich sound.
— Susan Galbraith, D.C. Theatre Scene


Photos by Clint Brandhagen