Played at the Studio Theatre 2nd Stage during Summer 2015

Cast: Clarice Starling: Laura Jordan, Hannibal Lecter: Tally Sessions, Buffalo Bill: Tom Story, Adrelia Mapp: Awa Sal Secka, Catherine Martin: Hayley Travers, Jack Crawford: John Patrick Loughney, Dr. Chilton: Alan Naylor, Dream Clarice: Mackenzie Newbury, Dream Hannibal: Wood Van Meter, Officer Pembry: Neil Rushnock

Director: Alan Paul
Choreographer: Jessica Beth Redish
Music Director: Christopher Youstra
Set Designer: Jason Sherwood
Costume Designer: Frank Labovitz
Lighting Designer: Andrew Cissna
Sound Designer: Lane Elms
Projection Designer: Adrian Rooney


Director Alan Paul has done great musical comedy work before with Shakespeare Theatre’s A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum, but this is on a whole ‘nother level.
— DC Theater Scene
These little lambs will make you laugh and smile, and then laugh some more.
— Metro Weekly
Jaw-droppingly gorgeous…infectious energy…slays the audience!
— Washingtonian
Seamless direction from Alan Paul.  It’s offensive, it’s rude. You won’t be disappointed.
— Broadway World
Paul has wisely kept the approach very “tongue in cheek”, with each line delivered with “dead-on” timing and a breezy, spoofy attitude that works exceptionally well.
— DC Metro Theatre Arts

Prison Bars
Jail cell
Red Curtain
In the Dark with a Maniac

Photos by Igor Dmitry